Tom is the eldest of the Connolly brothers. He was born in Rosmuc but has lived in America for the past six years.A dark shadow hangs over him Tom from his past in Ireland that threatens to consume him. He is a tough man, well-built and lean from years of hard physical labour. He is serious and can be thick and bull-headed at times. He is not given to small talk or fanciful notions. He is honest, level-headed and loyal but has a wicked temper when provoked. Drink does not suit him.
Tom is a proud man and no stranger to violence; he has fought in streetfights and boxed in organised bouts on both sides of the Atlantic. When we first meet him he is working hard to support his sick father and does not see any point in dreaming of a better life. This is the hand he has been dealt and he will play it.
Tom is reluctant to undertake the journey to the Klondike, but once he gets there he quickly sets about establishing the Connollys as a force to be reckoned with.

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An Klondike 119 NEWOwen McDonnell as Tom Connolly
An Klondike


"Séamus shot your boy down. But he's not a killer."
Tom Connolly, An Klondike