Music is integral to the world of An Klondike with the saloons and bars of Dominion Creek providing a constant musical backdrop. Irish airs and songs feature throughout as many characters are called on to provide entertainment to help pass the long cold nights.

Steve Lynch composed the score for the series and he incorporated many instruments that would have been heard throughout the Klondike region during the Gold Rush to create an authentic, evocative sound.

Steve Lynch says:
When Dathaí sent me his initial thoughts about the music for An Klondike, he attached an image (Andrew Wyeth's 'Wind From the Sea'). I don't normally get photos as musical references, but this did seem to give a feel to the whole thing, an idea of the overall mood.

 With this in mind I keep the music jagged and quite unrefined, the fiddles are scratchy, the banjos are fairly rough around the edges, everything has a sort of blunt quality to it. I had some truly amazing players on this score, for the most part I kept telling everyone to keep it simple, anything too well played just didn't seem to stick to the images on screen.


Listen to some of Steve Lynch's score for An Klondike