Jefferson ‘Soapy’ Smith is a fast-talking operator that has made his way to the Klondike where he has taken up residence as croupier in the Golden Nugget Saloon. The Klondike is the perfect place for him to swindle naive prospectors out of their newly acquired fortunes and Soapy is constantly cooking up new scams.
Soapy is not a fighter, and he has taken a few beatings in his time. Originally from London, Soapy has been plying his trade as a confidence man across the American West for decades. His worldview is based on the concept of Fortuna's wheel, the great wheel of life that is constantly raising us up and lowering us down. Soapy likes to philosophise over the nature of luck and fortune and lives his life by this creed.

An Klondike 315 NEWMichael Glenn Murphy as Soapy Smith
An Klondike

"You ever hear of Boethius? The sixth century Roman philosopher?"
Soapy Smith, An Klondike