Séamus is the middle brother of the Connolly family. He was born in Rosmuc but has lived in America for the past six years. When we first meet him he is working in the silver mines of Montana, dreaming of a better life. When word arrives of the gold in the Yukon it is Séamus who immediately wants to head North.

Séamus  can be hot-headed at times and often doesn’t think through the consequences of his actions - which has a tendency to land him in trouble. He is no match for his older brother Tom physically but can take care of himself in a fight and is well able to throw a punch. He is charismatic and knows how to win people over. He can work hard when he puts his mind to it but is easily distracted. If there is an easier way to get something done, Séamus will find it.

Séamus dreams big and has an idealistic desire for advancement. He has spent his life in the shadow of his older brother and is keen to prove his ability to stand on his own two feet. Séamus would be a good business man if he reined in his tendency to try and win big by chancing everything on a single throw of the dice. 

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An Klondike 108 NEWDara Devaney as Séamus Connolly
An Klondike

"Is liomsa an t-óir sin fresin, Tom."
Séamus Connolly, An Klondike