Pádraig is the youngest member of the Connolly family. Like his brothers, Padraig was born and raised in Rosmuc, but he has spent the last six years in America. He is honest and loyal and has a strong religious faith. He is a diligent worker and can turn his hand to various tasks with success – cooking, woodwork, hospital work.

He has lived something of a sheltered life, caring for his sick father and taking care of the house-keeping duties while his older brothers work. But he is by no means soft, he has an inner steel that comes to the fore during his time in the Klondike. Padraig can be judgemental at times and has much to learn about the pragmatic realities of life. For most of his life Padraig has followed his brothers’ lead and not had much say in his own destiny. The trip to Dominion Creek is a catalyst in Padraig’s life – he becomes more assertive and begins to carve out a life for himself away from his family... but when the chips are down he remains steadfast and loyal to his brothers.

Like his older brothers, Pádraig arrives in Dominion Creek in search of something... but it is not gold that he seeks.

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An Klondike 323 NEWSeán T. Ó Meallaigh as Pádraig Connolly
An Klondike

"Tá mo chuid paidreacha agus macnamh déanta agam. Tá mé cinnte go bhfuil an rud ceart á déanamh agam."
Pádraig Connolly, An Klondike