Father Judge is originally from the west of Ireland, but he has been living and working in America for over 20 years. He has devoted his life to humanitarian work and runs the only hospital in Dominion. He often sacrifices his own comfort for the sake of his patients and his health has suffered as a result. He is pragmatic when it comes to the realities of life in the Klondike and does not, despite his name, stand in judgement over the residents of Dominion Creek. He is well able to stand up to Hopkins and his toughs and has a fiery Irish temper when provoked.

An Klondike 227 NEWClive Geraghty as Father Judge
An Klondike

"Tógfar an baile seo ar shaint. Nuair atá sé sin mar bhunchloch agat ar ndóigh líonfar an áit le peacaí."
Father Judge, An Klondike