Pat Galvin's parents left Ireland while he was still a young boy and he has spent most of his life in America. He has been hardened by a lifetime of violence and is always looking out for himself. He wants people to be afraid of him, realizing that intimidation is often more effective than actual violence. He is quite self aware, but has a cynical world view and has sided with who he thinks the winners will be. He has been sent by Jacob Hopkins to watch over his son, JJ, in Dominion Creek. Galvin served in the Union Army under Jacob Hopkins but does not hold JJ in the same regard. Pat is keen to establish himself as a player in Dominion Creek in his own right.

An Klondike 433Ned Dennehy as Captain Pat Galvin
An Klondike

"This place. The Klondike. Some people are meant to be here. Some ain't. "
Captain Pat Galvin, An Klondike