Belinda is an entrepreneur and self-proclaimed 'richest woman in the Klondike'. She was born in Co. Mayo but when she was still a teenager her family sent her to live in America to make a better life for herself. Her first business venture was operating a sandwich stand during the 1893 World's Columbian Exhibition in Chicago. Instead of seeking her fortune as a prospector in the Klondike, Belinda arrived with a load of blankets and 5,000 hot water bottles that she sold to the cold miners at great profit. She opened a restaurant and boarding house with the money and set about building the finest hotel in the Klondike - The Fairview.
Belinda is a formidable woman, strong and tough, but with a compassionate side. She has pulled herself up by her bootstraps and has established herself a pillar of the Dominion Creek community. She is a shrewd business woman and a good judge of character. She has her finger on the pulse in Dominion Creek. Belinda treats her employees well and is often the one they turn to when they are in trouble.

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"An tuigeann sibh céard atá á dhéanamh agaibh ag dul i mbun gnó leis seo?"
Belinda Mulrooney, An Klondike